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Kaala (2018) 720p YIFY Movie

Kaala (2018)

Kaala is about the life of Nellai / Tirunelveli based Tamils who live in large number in Mumbai.

IMDB: 7.32 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.35G
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 166
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 130 / 435

The Synopsis for Kaala (2018) 720p

The people who had migrated from Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu live in Dharavi slum in Mumbai. The Union Minister Haridev Abhayankar alias Hari Dada (Nana Patekar), previously a gangster, tries to evict people and seize the land of Dharavi. He comes up with a plan of promising furnished homes to people through a Government scheme with the help of Vishnu Bhai (Sampath Raj). But Karikaalan alias Kaala (Rajinikanth), the leader of Dharavi, stands in his way to protect the area. Zareena, ex-girlfriend of Kaala, returns from Africa as the head of an NGO to improve the living standards in Dharavi. Hari Dada's failed attempts to kill Kaala in order to take control over the area leads to the death of Kaala's wife (Easwari Rao) and elder son Selvam (Dileepan). Kaala encourages people of Dharavi to protest in spite of Hari Dada constantly creating problems for them. How Kaala protected the area against the will of the powerful politician to seize it forms the rest of the story.

The Director and Players for Kaala (2018) 720p

[Director]Pa. Ranjith
[Role:]Easwari Rao
[Role:]Nana Patekar

The Reviews for Kaala (2018) 720p

Want to See 1990s Rajini, just watch it !!Reviewed byrkarun-inboxVote: 10/10

#Kaala what a matured mass movie !! ..Rajini...what an actor..!! many good moments and dialogues throughout!!

Few other chars are impressive too..sema villain...sema bgm.. !!

As a Rajini fan,u will feel the joy inside and could have the hangover for at;east till the next day ..what an entertainer Thalaivar for 40 years !!!

Best move for Ranjith-Rajinikanth GreatReviewed byselvaimagesVote: 10/10

Best Screen play, perfect cinematography, Great editing perfect background score!. Very good entertainment and story! Rajinikanth the best.! And Nana patekar's acting is great.Must to watch this movie in theater. Its full fire.. Full political story and entertainment. This is really what's happening now in Indian politics. Wow.! The rain !.. its raining in most of the scenes.. its just mumbai an its special.. No movie makers cares about this basic detail in any of their movies, even in Bollywood.. Every directors shows Mumbai is always colorful, bright, cheerful, charm full, no one bothers about the context, detail and climate in their movies and people living in Mumbai does not even knows that the movie is about Mumbai and their city. But Cinematographer Murali - Director Ranjith is great they just put that on screen that the real Mumbai rains most of the time.. the people living in Mumbai always have rain coat in their bike, 2 shoes/one in office.. umbrella in their bags.. perfect and perfect characters. Great cinematography and movie about black. And its best compared to Kabali. It is similar to Manirathnam's Nayakan, but not If any cinema lovers missed to watch this movie in theater because of box office and bad reviews, they must be really unlucky.Thuthukudi killing is more related to this movie. !!

A Political Classic Movie for the People..Thanks Pa Ranjith and Rajinikanth SirReviewed bymitvenkateshVote: 10/10

This is the movie for the middle class people , Scheduled people and for tamils who been genocide in sriLanka before and now in TamilNadu (No cauvery water for farmers , Thoothukudi Gun shot for sterlite Protest, Jallikatu Protest in Marina, etc).

Point to be considered before watching this movie..1.Rss head Is portrayed as a negative role and this has never happened in indian cinema (Padmavathi, water etc movies faced lot of problem to light up in theatres because of showing the true nature and identity of brahmins).2. it shows why Ramyana was banned in European countries but connecting how rama killed ravana..3. Rajini portrays as ravana, where tamil people where called as Ravana by Bjp and Rss leaders before (Even Director Manirathanam tried to show Ravan's side, that he kidnapped seetha because Rama& brother raped his sister but Ravan never touched seetha )4.Climax shows that everyone is Kaala , Whether Kaala existed or not, his Legacy will be like his ten head, when one is removed another one will be raised. This kind of vision was beautifully used by Director to satisfy Rajini Fans and a Strong message to aryans , Brahmins and Dravidians that Tamil will Raise like Ravan , no matter how many times you back stab us. 5. Finally Land is their Rights for each and every human beings, its not a right thing to take the lands from slums and other parts , it shows how government doesnt let any people protest to win and how they use Police and criminal activities to make a protest as riots..

Thanks Rajini Sir and Pa ranjith, as well as All the people for supporting this Kaala.. those who are against this movie RSS,BJP, Brahmin, etc medias because these are few communities that will never let good thing to happen india for so many years ...

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