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Lost Highway (1997) 1080p YIFY Movie

Lost Highway (1997) 1080p

After a bizarre encounter at a party, a jazz saxophonist is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison, where he inexplicably morphs into a young mechanic and begins leading a new life.

IMDB: 7.66 Likes

  • Genre: Mystery | Thriller
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 2.56G
  • Resolution: 1920x816 / 24.000 FPSfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 134
  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for Lost Highway (1997) 1080p

Fred Madison, a saxophonist, is accused under mysterious circumstances of murdering his wife Renee. On death row, he inexplicably morphs into a young man named Pete Dayton, leading a completely different life. When Pete is released, his and Fred's paths begin to cross in a surreal, suspenseful web of intrigue, orchestrated by a shady gangster boss named Dick Laurent.

The Director and Players for Lost Highway (1997) 1080p

[Director]David Lynch
[Role:]Bill Pullman
[Role:]John Roselius
[Role:]Patricia Arquette

The Reviews for Lost Highway (1997) 1080p

Possibly the strangest film ever made.Reviewed bypopeman89Vote: 10/10

The thing that's great about Lost Highway is there is no absolute solution to the events in the film, everything about the film is open to interpretation and after you watch it you either need to thing and talk about it for a couple of hours or watch it again. In Mulholland Drive, people say that it needs to be watched twice to be fully understood. Lost highway needs to be watched about 3 or 4 time to be slightly understood and will probably never be fully understood. All the clues are there in the film but to include all of them to make sense is very difficult. However it is very rewarding to try and find out the meaning of Lost Highway.

Although it is described as a modern film-noir, it's more inspired by Alfred Hitchcock. The use of music to increase the suspense of the film is used a lot here and in many Hitchcock films such as Psycho. Even if you cant work out what it is about, it is still a very tense thriller.

Final Score ? 10/10

Philosophical, allegorical, satirical...but how many really care?Reviewed byIndy CanuckVote: 7/10

I'm not going into the plotline here because I'm limited to 1000 words. I don't think I can wrap up the plot that space.

I'm a recent inductee into the strange and twisted world of David Lynch. It all started when I caught a rerun of "Twin Peaks" on a low-budget digital satellite channel. Since then I've been hooked, and have had fun with cult films and filmmakers since.

Lost Highway is, as descried by Lynch, a new twist on film-noir. And only Lynch could put a twist like this on a classic genre. People keep wanting to draw comparisons to other films, saying: "Well, it's not Blue Velvet" or "It's not Mulholland Dr,"...they're right. It's Lost Highway, a unique and twisted foray down a dark highway that may or may not be entirely metaphorical...or metaphysical.

One of the things that I've noticed about David Lynch--and what probably inspires much of the hatred non-Lynch fans have towards his work--is that he doesn't explain everything. He lays it out, says "Here's my story. What do YOU make of it?" It's an incredible artistic attitude, much like viewing a Dali painting as opposed to a Da Vinci, and not for everyone's tastes.

Lost Highway is open to many interpretations, as are most of Lynch's works. Are we in our world, and being invaded by some outside force? Are we in a world we don't know we're in? Are we in Hell? What would you do if this happened to you? Maybe we are all someone else, really.

This film is at the same time allegorical, philosophical, incomprehensible, and satirical. It warps understood movie conventions, and is always pulling the unexpected.

All that praise aside, it is NOT the best of Lynch's work. One would have to be a fan to enjoy this, and should establish that fanhood with his better works, like Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, or "Twin Peaks."

If one has a set standard of how movies should be, an A-B-C pattern, stay away. But if it's originality, unanswered questions, and a break from standard Hollywood convention, go full ahead.

In my humble opinion, it's better than Wild at Heart and Dune, but not most of Lynch's rest. It is definitely an experience, but not one everybody will enjoy.

A Cult-Movie to Be Loved or Hated, but never Fully UnderstoodReviewed byClaudio CarvalhoVote: 10/10

The jazz saxophonist Fred Madison (Bill Pullman) is married with Renee (Patricia Arquette) and they live in a comfortable house. Fred is suspicious of the relationship of Renee with her friend Andy (Michael Massee). One morning, Renee finds a videotape on the doorstep of their house and when they watched the footage, they find that someone has broken in to film inside their house. They call the police, but the two detectives do not find any clue. Fred and Renee go to a party at Andy's house and Fred has a bizarre encounter with a mysterious man (Robert Blake) that tells him that they have met before and he is at Fred's house. The upset Fred calls Renee and they go back home. On the next morning, Fred finds another videotape and when he watches the film, he sees a bloodbath with Renee murdered in bed with him. He is found guilty of murder of first degree and sentenced to the electric chair. While waiting in the death row, he morphs into the efficient mechanic Peter Raymond Dayton (Balthazar Getty) and is released from the cell, but followed by two detectives. Pete fixes the car of the powerful and dangerous gangster Mr. Eddy (Robert Loggia) and when he meets his mistress Alice Wakefield (Patricia Arquette), they have a love affair and the woman convinces him to escape with her from Mr. Eddy and travel to some other place.

"Lost Highway" is one of the most intriguing, bizarre and challenging cult-movies that is to be loved or hated but never fully understood. I believe that even David Lynch that directed and wrote "Lost Highway" does not have answers for all the mysteries of the plot. The best and most provocative scene is when the mysterious man tells Fred that he is at his house and gives a cellular to Fred to call him. The film is shot following the style of film-noir and Patricia Arquette is the "femme fatale". The beauty of the half-naked Patricia Arquette is astonishing and her strip-tease is very erotic. The soundtrack with music of David Bowie, Angelo Badalamenti, Rammstein, Lou Reed, and Tom Jobim (with Insensatez") is spectacular. Last time I had watched this movie was on 23 December 1999. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "A Estrada Perdida" ("The Lost Highway")

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